Vintner’s Vision

Store wine in style with cellar-chic tile and stone

Try terra-cotta.
Long a staple in Tuscan wine cellars, terracotta is good for more than just potting plants. Tiles made of this earthy material help regulate temperature and humidity. Because of its thermal mass, terra-cotta reduces environmental fluctuations, making it ideal for preserving abernets and Chardonnays alike.

Go natural.
Draw inspiration from the natural color palette of the vineyard with patterned slate or distressed stones. If budget or maintenance is an issue, distressed patterned porcelain achieves a similar look.

Like a fine wine infused with complex flavors, layers of texture add dimension. Consider incorporating elements like decorative hand-painted borders or decos. For a distinctive look with a nod to wine making, consider cork tiles.

Add detail.
Mosaic medallions with leaves or grapevine patterns are the perfect accent for a welcoming wine cellar. For a focal point underfoot, opt for a stone-etched insert.

Deck the walls.
As an extension of your entertaining space, create an authentic backdrop in which to taste wine with stone cladding reminiscent of a vintner’s vault.

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