Trends: Fashion Underfoot

<< Black and white The classic combo is today’s comeback kid of fashion and interior design.

A HOME IS AN EXPLORATION of self. It’s where we go to feel secure and where we surround ourselves with the things we love. Like the little black dress that always prompts compliments, fashion-conscious consumers are looking to the runways for design direction that will cause guests to ooh and ahh over their home.

For a long time, the fashion industry was one step ahead of the interior design world. Perhaps long lead times for home products dictated this delay, but shifting dynamics in manufacturing have changed that. The two industries now seem to be running a bit more parallel.

>> French countryProvençal style is inspiring everything from mosaic tile to housewares to evening wear.


With both fashion and interior design veterans at the helm of the Color Marketing Group (CMG)—the leading authority responsible for upcoming color trends—it’s no wonder the two industries are so closely allied. According to the CMG, 2006 will be the year of über-luxury and color depth. Home décor has evolved from neutral tones to today’s thematic statements that communicate personal style, feeling and character throughout a home’s interior and outdoor living spaces.

From magazines to TV shows and websites, interior design is certainly in the spotlight for consumers to—well, consume. This phenomenon has motivated manufacturers to offer lines in an ever-widening array of colors and styles for the growing legions of fashionista homeowners.


There’s more to tile selection than just bold and beautiful aesthetic value. Tiles made of ceramic, a naturally porous material, can have various levels of water absorption. In dealer lingo, “nonvitreous” is the term for tiles that absorb the most water. These should be avoided for showers, tubs and sink countertops. “Semivitreous” tiles are rated for low absorption and can be used for splash areas. For extended daily exposure to water, a highdensity, glazed porcelain tile would be the best choice.

<< Metallic Draped in silver or as an accent, metallic tiles are making their way into home fashions.
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