Small Space, Big Impact

5 techniques to make the most of cozy quarters.

Design to define
Create small carpet panels on the floor by using differentsize stones, such as 1-inch by 2-inch mosaics, a herringbone pattern or an octagon. Frame it with an exciting border to make a rug.

Build in texture
Try putting a basketweave pattern on the walls to create texture and excitement. The weave keeps the eye moving throughout the room.

Try translucency
Glass tiles in muted shades are soothing and create the illusion of a larger room. Go for a flowing water effect, like the ocean as it gets deeper, with colors that gradually fade into one another.

Be consistent
Don’t shy away from patterns, but keep colors light and similar to create more visual space. Think about height, angles and repetition, and be sure the tile helps the eye scan the entire room..

Make it even more memorable
Unusual decorative tiles such as leaves or flowers, perhaps positioned in an innovative way, will have guests remembering the cool details, not the small size of the room.

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