Rub-A-Dub Fun

5 ways to make a child’s bathroom playful

Go “green”
Cement tiles are not only environmentfriendly,they’re also available in a rainbow of colors. Hues like sky blue, canary yellow and wintergreen are suited to a children’s bathroom while also having longlasting appeal.

Try a Middle Eastern flavor
The exotic culture of Morocco offers rich, colorful and unusual flooring. Draw inspiration from the famed tiled palaces of Marrakech for an Aladdin-like bathroom that will make brushing teeth and taking baths fun. Look for rhomboid mosaics and irregular patterns.

Create an animal theme
Forgo cartoon clichés and instead incorporate colorful aquatic fish mosaic inserts for a sophisticated sea look. An array of decos and details with dragonflies and forest animals also can add a sense of adventure. And snakeskin tiles and bamboo textures bring a dash of fun and excitement.

Consider comfort
Keep little toes warm with a heated floor. A thin electric cable system, controlled by a thermostat, can be installed under tile or stone. Like an electric blanket for the floor, it’s the ultimate in barefoot luxury.

Be safety-savvy
Avoid slips and falls with textured floor tiles. New techniques such as micro-etching now allow manufacturers to produce stylish slip-resistant tiles that appear to be smooth but have microscopic peaks and valleys that provide traction.

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