Refresh The Roost

Innovative ideas for first-time home buyers

Personalize your new abode. You might have been bound by a landlord’s rules and regulations before, but now is your opportunity to inject individual style into your home. From sleek to subdued, today’s array of tile, stone and fixtures offers options tailored to almost any taste.

Get more molding for less. Rather than using large, expensive moldings, consider purchasing narrower sections that can stack together to create the illusion of pieces that are bigger and more ornate.

Resurface kitchen and bathroom countertops. If the counters in your home need to be changed, use tile for the top and a chair rail for the front detail. Basic plywood can be laid as a cost-effective base underneath a tile covering. Taking this step also helps to update the room without major reconstruction.

Add instant pizzazz with new grout options. Now available in almost any color under the sun, new grout can refresh a tired tiled area while keeping expenses and labor to a minimum.

Focus on illuminating fixtures. Decorative lighting can make a big difference in any kitchen or bathroom makeover. Whether your taste runs more traditional or contemporary, be sure to choose pieces that complement the tile and stonework for a cohesive look.

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