Pamper Your Pet

Create a dog room for your furry friend

Pitch the floor.
Design a special area to bathe your pooch by placing an expanse of floor tile on a pitch so that the water flows easily into a drain—just like a shower. Porcelain tile is a good option. It’s maintenance-free and makes cleaning up pesky pet hair a snap!

Fido-friendly theme.
A vanity in your pet room is a great place to store toys, leashes and treats. Its backsplash should be stylish too. Play up a pet theme by incorporating decorative border tiles. Mirror the look on the floor to keep it consistent.

Size matters.
A variety of sizes creates interest on the floor. Pairing 3-inch by 6-inch tile with 6-inch by 6-inch and 3-inch by 3-inch tiles provides depth and drama. Go on a diagonal for dimension. And if you’re working with stone, opt for the textured side of the tile for visual interest.

Counter offer.
Durability is key when selecting countertops. CaesarStone is a stainresistant material with the look and feel of limestone but without the daunting cost. Concrete is another fitting choice. A natural material that’s kind to the environment, it exhibits subtle variations in color and texture. Because each slab is handcast, no two are identical.

Accessories count.
From sinks to faucets, be sure to keep your pet in mind when selecting the room’s accessories. Special touches, like paw-print hardware and fabric, complete the look.

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