Old-World Outdoors

Bring European flair outside with these stone styles that stand the test of time

Opt for travertine pavers.
Opt for travertine pavers. Ideal for driveways, patios, pool decking and walkways, they won’t degrade like many concrete products and require no sealing or maintenance. And the lack of metal content in bluestone, granite, slate and other similar materials allows travertine pavers to remain cool underfoot even on the hottest days.

Add dimension to a pool.
Whether you choose a terra-cotta look or an ancient mosaic pattern, edging the rim of a pool with stone coping designed to coordinate with the decking defines the area. A variety of options, like pencil-rounded, bull-nosed or rock-faced edging, allows for further styling.

Embellish with architectural accents.
Stone columns, fountains and balustrades can act as landscaping showpieces. Try re-creating an architectural period with multiple features, or select one outstanding piece like a cascading fountain.

Spice up the built-in barbecue.
Ditch the standard brick, and decorate with colorful textural tiles. Combined with tumbled-stone field tiles, an eye-catching barbecue backsplash is easy to achieve.

Get instant curb appeal.
Build in texture to a retaining wall or façade with split-face ultra-thin veneer dimensional stone. Choose either 1/2-inch-thick or 3-inchthick pieces for maximum pop.

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