Making A Splash

Why settle for simply lying out by the pool when you can retreat to a tranquil backyard oasis? Relaxing poolside can be filled with color and excitement when tile is creatively introduced.

Chill out with an outdoor fountain
What could be a better place to incorporate an eye-catching fountain than around your own man-made body of water? Opt for elegance with European-inspired tiles that feature old-world glazes, fired at a high temperature, for a rich, earthy surface.

Catch the light with streams of color
Don’t forget to embellish the backsplash or pool bottom. Brilliant crystal glass tiles evolve into beautiful waves of color as they reflect off the water and sunlight. Choose tiles that have a variation of tone, shade and size.

Add mosaics with panache
Ceramic mosaics with an aquatic theme are both whimsical and appealing to the eye. You can use them as a frieze line or an ornate pathway onto the pool as decking. Mosaic animals make a charming addition to the pool’s bottom. Tranquil sea creatures glimmering from below are guaranteed to thrill kids and grown-ups alike.

Consider building up
High above the poolside create cascading shelves of tile for the water to flow down. A little space borrowed from the pool deck goes a long way to create a stunning architectural focal point.

Choose organic colors for spa safety
If monochromatic beige is your idea of a spa-like pool sanctuary, select dark organic colors for elements such as underwater stairs and ledges. It will alert swimmers to surface changes, as well as highlight architectural features.

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