Made To Order

The ins and outs of commissioning custom tile, stone and glass

Give it time.
Turnaround is affected by many factors: the size of the project, the intricateness of any hand painting, the amount of time it takes to finalize plans and the artist’s workload. Once the design is approved, production generally lasts six to eight weeks, depending on the complexity of the project.

Expect some fees up front.
It’s common to charge for the design plans. And you’ll be billed for a glaze sample for any custom color requests. If you’re working with a mosaic medallion or border, expect to pay a template charge. Samples are always an additional fee.

Work with a reputable tile studio.
While many “artists” are willing to do custom projects, a studio that has established a good business relationship with an artisan will be able to provide you with references and examples of past work.

Express Yourself .
Meet with the tile designer to brainstorm ideas and discuss your hopes and goals for your home. A trained professional will be able to translate your vision into tile and give you a briefing on what is possible with today’s techniques.

Approve The Final Design .
When your one-of-a-kind piece is complete, it’s yours to keep—in other words, no returns. To ensure you get what you want, it’s essential to sign off on the final design.

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