Eye Candy For The Outdoors

With warm nights and sunny days ahead, the summer is all about alfresco living. To create an inviting open-air space that’s an extension of your home try these outdoor tile techniques.

Think pebbles
Pebbles are a perfect selection for a variety of projects. Whether it’s a pathway, the bottom of a swimming pool or the frieze line around the pool, pebbles add a soothing elegance to the outdoors. To continue with the theme, try mosaic panels, which make a dynamic tabletop. They interlock so you never see a seam and are easy to install because they’re mesh mounted.

Get in shape
Porcelain rhomboid tiles, a recent addition to the market, create a diamond-shaped lattice pattern that adds dimension and visual interest to outside projects. Plus, porcelain is a frost-proof material, so you never have to worry about the elements.

Consider bush hammered stones
Combining textured stones in a variety of sizes adds depth and movement to your landscape design. Texture also plays a role in safety. The slightly rough finish of bush
hammered stone provides a slip-free surface around the pool or on walkways. Various bush hammered stone finishes are available; different size chisel heads hammered on the surface of the stone each create a different finish.

Go for glass
Glass mosaics and trims make eye-catching backdrops. Like Gaudi works of art, a mural, fountain or birdbath can be transformed into a masterpiece with glass mosaic tiles. For a unique look, try Italian iridescent glass, beach glass, or tumbled glass.

Pick patterned slate
Available in a variety of sizes, slate is a versatile medium. Use it for walkways, patios, driveways, wallfacings, pool linings and waterfalls. Slate patterns such as offset brick, octagon, basket weave, hexagon, and mini mosaics will enhance any outdoor space.

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