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Take a cue from the Emerald Isle
Emulate the metalwork of the ancient Celts with cold-cast bronze, copper, nickel and brass field tiles, liners, decos and moldings. The sustainable cold-cast method uses 100 percent recycled “chop” metal that is first processed into powder and then molded into intricate tiles.

Achieve the look of limestone
Recycled porcelain tiles are not only eco-friendly and costeffective but maintenance-free to boot. Aesthetically similar to natural stone, porcelain is inherently slip-resistant; won’t scratch, stain or fade; never needs sealing or waxing; and cleans with just hot water.

Go for recycled glass
Using glass-fusing technology, 100 percent recycled glass tiles require less than half the energy it takes to produce a ceramic tile and less than one-quarter of the amount needed to create a cast-glass tile.

Create magic with cork
A rapidly renewable resource, cork forms tiles that are water-resistant, require minimal maintenance and are cost-effective. Perfect for noise control, the cellular structure of cork naturally absorbs sound waves.

Think composite chic
Products such as IceStone, which is made of 75 percent recycled glass mixed with concrete, offer eco-savvy options for both contemporary and traditional countertops. The color can be easily customized by adding pigment to the cement for any desired stone effect.

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