Create A Fireplace That Delights

As autumn winds blow, it’s time to cozy up to the fire.

Introduce a nature motif
Running vines, floral designs and woodland berries create a peaceful setting and set the tone for the rest of the room. Continue the nature theme around the hearth with a carved marble grapevine mantle.

Add texture
Custom dragon skin tiles in rich amber draw the eye to the fireplace with texture and color. Another technique for creating depth is to select tiles that combine both matte and polished textures on the same piece for a striking contrast.

Put paisleys on display
Just as they do in the fashion world, paisleys create an intricate pattern play. Paisley tiles create a warming sensation in a room just as a finely woven pashmina shawl warms a chilly shoulder.

Let crackle dazzle
To achieve the look of antiquity, try crackle glazed tiles. Perfect for a shabby chic design scheme, crackle glazed tiles add a relaxed elegance to the fireplace and harken back to the days when fire was a home’s only source of heat.

Built-in firewood storage
For a rustic cabin feel—even in a stately family room—a long, built-in storage area for firewood alongside the hearth embellishes the space with architectural detail. Slate tiles with subdued hues are a natural to complement neatly stacked logs.

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