Accent On Style

Marry mosaics with field tiles
A neutral field can be spiced up with mosaic borders. Now that most mosaics are meshmounted, they’re easy to work with and—depending on the color or material—can be traditional or modern.

Design with decos
Simple like a button on a tufted pillow or intricate like fine millwork, decorative tiles, or decos as they’re affectionately known, offer a high bang-forbuck ratio. Though each handpainted fleur-de-lis or pewter rooster can be pricey, you don’t need many to make an impact.

Divide and conquer
A large wall of tile in a bathroom or kitchen can be cozied up by using liners to define smaller areas within the room. “Picture frames” of tile created with liners are a great way to break up a space while adding movement, texture and visual interest.

Mix materials
Take a cue from the feng shui masters, and blend elements of stone, metal, glass or color to keep the spirit in balance. Varying materials helps to accent and accessorize, breathing life into the design.

Splurge on medallions
On the floor of the foyer or applied to a backsplash, ornate medallions help define a home’s architectural features. For example, a circle medallion that mirrors a circular room is a striking way to layer details and establish a theme.

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