4 Tips to Help Make Your Bathroom Renovation Worry Free

Renovating your bathroom may sound like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve put together some steps to follow so that you can simplify the process:

1. Determine Your Style

There are a lot of great (and free) resources available to assist in inspiring the new style of your bathroom. I recommend searching through Digs first to find projects you like. Create a board that reflects your personal style. Then, take time to visualize yourself in each room. You may not be in love with everything you see, but the goal should be to isolate what you do like in each photo and take note of the design of these items.


2. Tile Design

Once you have selected the tile that reflects your taste (which may be traditional, contemporary or transitional) then tile design becomes an important element to the overall success of the bath. Remember there is a great deal of product available today which allows you to work within your budget and still have the design you love. Remember to consider the materials that suit your lifestyle. If you want a space that is maintenance free, porcelain tile is your answer. Pairing natural stones with exquisite water patterns for a look that’s not only glamorous, but timeless as well. Glass tile also plays a role in many contemporary and transitional baths. Artisan (hand cast custom) tile should absolutely have a place when designing your bath. This material may serve as a decorative element for the back wall of a tub or shower.


3. Choose Your Fixtures

The fixtures you select for your bathroom will determine how the room will look and function. Your plumbing selections should compliment the tile design for a complete look. Fixtures can (and should) be works of art, but the most important things to consider are the quality of the construction, and the finish on the product/material you select.

**An important tip to keep in mind, energy efficiency has become a focus with many companies manufacturing more water-efficient toiletsfaucets and shower heads. Make sure you check to see if your fixtures are manufactured with water saving features.


4. Hire Your Contractor

Work with a reputable individual who will understand your vision and has the expertise to assist you with the construction process. Remember when there are budgetary constrictions to ensure all aspects are considered by the contractor before committing to the project.


What are your tips for a smooth bathroom renovation? Let us know in the comments below.

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